Code Blocks

March 11, 2015

I was thinking about doing something like Bret's laser-controlled code browser, but for my Bubble Sort page. In conversation with Bret the other day, he said something to the effect that for up-close work he preferred a person to be using their hands and manipulating objects while using the larger space around them for context/navigation. I wondered what a physical code navigator might look like.

The code is organized into UI components and they're all in the same file on my computer. I printed the UI components onto blocks, and when I put each block in front of the camera my text editor navigates to the definition of that component. Due to lack of time I only did blocks for two of the UI components, but you could imagine having more of these. My hope is that when I get back from vacation I can actually use this basic system and see how it feels.

to run: python qr-tools/